How a Church can Leverage Text Message Service
  • 03 Jul 2020
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How a Church can Leverage Text Message Service

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Once you open an account text message service (i.e. you can setup keywords and share the phone number (your service number from to the congregation during announcement sessions. The congregation can opt-in (subscribe) to your group texting CRM service. From there you can promote your ministry/welcoming programs/events/service update or many other updates for your members.

What is the most common use case?

1) New Member Welcoming Package
You can announcement keyword and phone number during or before the service and show how new members can follow up to receive the next steps onboarding to the church they attended just by sending text messages to a phone number given during the service. For example, asking prospects to text hello to {your telefio custom number} for more info about onboarding.

2. Service Update/Cancellation

Due to natural disasters or unplanned situations church can provide last-minute updates on service schedule or cancelation using SMS service.

3. Volunteer follow up

Ask volunteers to send a text with a unique keyword to your service number (i.e. provides a unique number so that volunteers can receive more details by texting to the number with a keyword)

4. Event Registration

Church has many events happening year-round. You can ask your members to just send a text with a certain keyword so that they can automatically get registered.

5. Event Survey

The church can do a survey using SMS after events and instantly you can share survey results with members or just share it with yourself as staff.

6. Sharing Teaching materials for cell group

The church can easily distribute teaching materials (either an image or text) to cell group leaders. Of course, this can be achieved by keyword (associated with the group) so that cell leaders can be prepared for the next bible study group in time.

7. Reaching out those who don’t have internet service available

If a member doesn’t have internet service available due to mobility or other reasons you can always reach your members using texting.

8. Schedule a group session ahead of time

Group sessions can be announced ahead of time by scheduling features. You can send out a double reminder by cool scheduling features.

9. Blast to everyone from your mobile device

Youth group leaders or cell group leaders can easily send out blast messages to their group. For example, the 5th youth group leader, John, can send updated gathering info to his group simply using his mobile device without downloading an app or logging into the website from PC.

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